Get your move on…


What do clovers, pots of gold, costumes, parades, fun, walking, running, teeth and taxi’s all have in common? 

Well, the Prineville Paddy Pint Run of course!

The Prineville Paddy Pint Run is an annual walk/run event hosted on St. Patrick’s Day. You may remember a parade of green racers touring the town as they make their way to the finish. The race is back for its 5th year and will kick off at 4:00pm on Saturday, March 17th.  Start line is at Good Bike Co. racers finish at Foundry Four.

The Prineville Paddy Pint is open too all!  There is a 5K route for the runners who wish to be timed or run for fun and there is a one-mile walking route. Families are encouraged to participate too and there will be a kids carnival at the finish line block party following the race.

Excitement and participation continues to grow race organizers are expecting a crowd of 500 racers this year. Participants are encouraged to wear costumes as they parade the streets of Prineville.

Dr. Tony Ramos, race founder and planning committee chair said “The Prineville Paddy Pint is such a fun community event generating comradery and enthusiasm for getting active all while supporting a great cause.”

The race generates support for the Tooth Taxi and other community vitality initiatives. The Tooth Taxi is a 38′ state-of-the-art dental office on wheels with two dental chairs and a full-time dentist and staff. It visits Prineville schools multiple times a year providing free dental care and oral health education to uninsured and underserved children.  The race has provided a $5,000 annual contribution to this cause.  Proceeds above that amount are used for other community vitality projects in Crook County.

Dr. Ramos said, “While efforts continue for improvements in children’s oral health, there is a serious need for programs like the Tooth Taxi that provide immediate relief of dental pain and infection for children who lack access to basic dental care.  Our kids suffer more dental pain and infection than children in almost any other state.  This isn’t just a cosmetic issue. Poor oral health affects the overall health of our kids.”

Date: Friday, March 17th
Time: 4:00pm
Start Location: Good Bike Co.
Finish:  Foundry Four (NW 4th St. )

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