The economy of giving…

How can we measure the Crook County Foundations impact on our community in terms of economy?  

First lets define economy.  According to the Webster dictionary economy is defined as: the wealth and resources of a country or region, especially in terms of the production and consumption of goods and services and the careful management of available resources.

To begin to understand the economic value it’s important to have some historical background of why The Crook County Foundation was formed. 20 years ago, in 1998 the founding partners (City of Prineville, Crook County, Crook County School District, Crook County Parks and Recreation District and Prineville-Crook County Chamber of Commerce) realized the need for a “hub” that could: serve as a vehicle for community investment, build efficiencies to accomplish community initiatives, act as the convener to see community goals reached, and bring outside dollars into our community. In an effort to fulfill the mission of bringing people, resources and inspiration together for the enrichment of the community.

The foundation’s purpose through the lens of “economy” is defined through its services. The foundation provides a variety of services to the community through scholarship administration, community event coordination, and administration of community projects.

Did you know that your community foundation is hosting the weekly What’s Brewing? forum where questions that matter to you are discussed?  Free to the public, you are welcome to join us each Wednesday October to May.  Signup for our eblasts to get reminders and topic information.

Picnic in the Park is just around the corner mark your calendars July 18th is the kick off.  We will be announcing this years  line-up soon.

Do you know someone who has received a college scholarship?  The Crook County Foundation awarded $66,540 in scholarships to 43 students last year!

Each service provided requires resources to be exchanged.  Community events bring monies into our community from tourists who may take in a concert at Picnic in the Park buy gas and food and accommodations. That same concert may bring locals out to purchase items from vendors and enjoy the sights, sounds and tastes of Prineville.  Businesses provide sponsorships, performers are hired to entertain, other services are rendered to make these community events possible – all stimulating our local economy.

Did you take part in the Prineville Paddy Pint? Over 400 runners participated. School children ran 211 miles earning money for school activity programs. Benefiting the tooth-taxi, enabling our children to have access to essential preventative and corrective dental care.  Have you heard of the great work that community organizations are doing with Facebook Community grants?  What about grants from Crook County Cultural Coalition that propel cultural arts forward such as the Prineville Music Theater Camp and Beaver-State Gunmakers.  All these projects are examples of how the Crook County Foundation efficiently manages your resources by providing administration support – enabling these community treasures to continue with minimal overhead.

Our board of directors recognizes every dollar and hour given is an investment. In an effort to efficiently manage your investment we want to ensure more goes directly into our community to propel our community forward and less goes into administrative overhead.

The Crook County Foundation is your community foundation bringing economic value to Crook County!


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