It takes a village…

You may have heard it said, “it takes a village to…” that is certainly true for many things including: seeing dreams realized, citizens engaged, lives enriched, and our community strengthened. These are the pillars of focus for the Crook County Foundation and like other charitable organizations we depend on our village of dedicated volunteers, donors, friends and advocates to accomplish the mission set before us.

As 2017 comes to and end let us reflect on some of the accomplishments, that you, our dedicated Crook County village has made possible this year.

“My husband and I are new to the area and we just love What’s Brewing? thank you for these awesome presentations.  We feel connected and informed and look forward to them each week.” Anonymous attendee.

“I am returning to college to complete my degree that I began 30 years ago. Thanks to your generosity and support.” Carla Nyman, 2017 non-traditional scholarship recipient.

“My grandkids looked forward to Picnic in the Park every week last summer.  They loved the music and dancing.  Dancing is such a past-time we just don’t get much opportunity to do these days and it sure was fun watching the kids jive to the music.” Darlene, Picnic in the Park concert goer.

“I chose the nursing program because I have a passion for helping others.  As a nurse, I plan to travel the country and world helping whoever I can and learning new things everywhere I go. I can’t wait for my future to begin. Thank you for making it possible for me to follow my passions so that I can help others in the biggest ways possible.” Nayana Bickford, 2017 scholarship recipient.

“I am so thankful for the commitment of our community and the support of the Crook County Foundation that is keeping my dream for the Prineville Paddy Pint Run alive and flourishing.  Thank you for having fun with us and getting active as we race for the benefit of children’s dental care. ” Dr. Tony Ramos, DMD, Prineville Paddy Pint Run, Founder and Coordinator.

Reading these testimonies from those impacted by the Crook County Foundation it becomes clear you are making a difference. You are laying the foundation for the future success of students who receive scholarships.  You are bringing the community together for conversation and collaboration at What’s Brewing?. You are generating community togetherness in the shared experience of enjoying music and summer nights at Picnic in the Park. You are enabling partnerships with community members and groups who aspire to invest in community improvement.   Thank you for joining us as we endeavor to make Crook County a more viable and vibrant community.

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